Getting some Exposure!!!

This week a few of my colleagues and myself attended the Saskatchewan Middle Years Conference in Saskatoon.  This year there was a presentation by Dave Burgess who is the author of “Teach Like a Pirate.”


This was a great opportunity to get some exposure for our hashtag #iam2yng2vote.  It was also a great place to do some Tweeting with fellow colleagues.  There were a few sessions that gave us the opportunity to share some of the things that we were doing in our classroom.  I brought up my major digital project.  I even when so far as to call it a shameless plug!  While we did get a lot of other classrooms following us (classroom Twitter account) @BESGr8  we did not get a lot of people contributing to the hashtag 😦 sadly.  I talked about contributing if you has a classroom were doing something regarding good citizenship behaviors or making a positive impact on our community and beyond.  I thought that because it was a middle years group, a lot of social studies content centers around these topics and really any contribution from someone outside of our school would be welcome.


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