Step into the Matrix!

Here is an update on my major digital project.  Today I created and handed out the major component to my project.  I have created a Twitter Matix for the students to complete on Twitter.  The primary focus of my project is for students to engage in aspects of what it means to be a good citizen and to share with the Twitter world that even though they are only middle- schoolers they can still engage in the responsibilities of a citizen.  On the matrix I wanted students to first of all build some Twitter knowledge and add to their feeds a wider range of topics that they could engage with throughout the process.  So I had them do different elements of posting and re-posting of news stories that pertain to rights and responsibilities all citizens have.  I also wanted there to be some aspects that got them out into the community.

That being said I wanted to take some time and review with them from our Digital Citizenship mini-unit that Eden and I taught the rules that we would ask them to follow to help set some guidelines for them to think of before they posted.  We also did a refresher of what a good digital citizen looks like in their posts and in the ways that they would respond and engage others in the class on Twitter.  We started with a review of the “Golden Rule” of participation online.


And then tried to hit a few of the specifics that they might run into while completing the matrix.



And lastly wanted to remind them of some of the ways that they could connect with us.


At the end of the class we were excited to see them start to explore a little more of the Twitter community and ensured that they were able/knew how to post and reply.

Twitter Matrix



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