Time for the first assignment…

With the election right drawing very near, I wanted to get the first Twitter assignment up and running so that the students could feel like a part of the action.  First though we need to create a hashtag that the students could use so that all of their hard work could be found by me as we go through the process of using Twitter.  I decided that coming up with a good hashtag is quite challenging, so I toyed around with a few and finally decided that I needed help.  So in talking with a few students the classroom hashtag was born.

IMG_2829 (2) #iam2yng2vote

Was born out of the idea that I wanted the feed to look at ways that kids matter and can make a difference even though they are too young to vote.

The first assignment then is for the students to help remind their parents to take part in one of the most important jobs as citizens, and that is to vote.  They were to post on how they reminded them or how they might have helped them in making their decision about voting.  Some also spent time finding out where their polling station was, and asking grandparents etc. if they had rides to get there.  In social they had spent time talking about all of the barriers to voting that people faced and so some tried to post about how they had addressed those barriers.



Part of helping the students engage with the hashtag, I posted several stories and updates to the election prior to vote day.  Many of them had only started with me in there feeds, so unless I posted more things from the classroom account, they were pretty limited to what they say on their feed.  I also suggested they follow a couple of great hashtags such as @studentvote, and @civix_canada.  As well as any news sights etc. that they might be following.

In the end, I feel like this was a good first attempt. We talked about how some of the tweets could have been longer. Because we have only a few characters, we should still try to use all that we have to give more detail. We also talked about making sure we were not sharing too much info.  It was really great to connect over twitter with all of the schools around the country that had already participated in Student Vote.  I think it was worthwhile that students started to realize that it was more then just them  and enjoyed seeing pictures from other schools around the country that also participated.


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