Ah…the red tape…

Twitter//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsSo with the project idea underway it is time to start to check into the “red tape” involved in students being able to access Twitter as part of a school project.  I will admit that I’m a little bit hesitant in introducing Twitter, even though there are countless website that offer many great ways to incorporate it into your classroom.  Below are a couple of links to some of those great ideas.

I am still a little hesitant to jump right in so I wanted to take some time to review the Prairie Valley School Division AP on the use of social media with students and the privacy surround their usage.  In several of the sections it appears that if the permissions have been granted that I should be ok in helping students to post about their actions regarding the project on Twitter.

I did however want the students to have their own Twitter account so that they could post to the hashtag whenever they were doing something towards the project.  While the permissions were granted I still felt more comfortable informing parents about the project and getting their permission before helping their students sign-up for a Twitter account.  In addition I remember reading somewhere that Twitter has an age policy of 13.  So I Tweeted it out to see if someone could connect me with that information.  Most of my students are already 13, but I just felt more comfortable with parents knowingly giving permission for me to help their children set up an account because in reality, the school component is only one small piece of the potential use of the account.

Attached is the letter that Eden and I sent home for parent permission. So now I guess we wait to see what the parent response will be. Greetings Grade 8 Parents




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