Project idea!

After reading through all of the options for the major digital project, I would have to say that the idea most appealing to me is the social activism project.  This summer when the course syllabus came out I got to thinking about some ideas that I would like to pursue for the project and I thought how timely to do some thing around the idea of citizenship and the election.  I’m very fortunate to have Eden Sampson from the University in my classroom as an intern this fall.  Eden will be teaching social studies from the start of the term until the end of the election.  I think that my idea would definitely fall into social, but there is the possibility of exploring the ideas of citizenship in health as well.  I”m not sure if many have heard of this program called “Student Vote” but the students participate in their own mock election that parallels the federal election this fall.  I had suggested Eden have a look while she was planning for internship this fall.  Our school has participated in it many times and we were looking forward to another opportunity to really bring life to the content we would be teaching in the fall.

My initial idea was to attempt a project that would help students engage in the process even further.  It has been my experience that often they become so immersed in the election that they become the “expert” in there family, even though they don’t actually cast a “real” vote.  So I was looking for a project that would engage them with the process as well as give them some ownership of all that they would be learning about what it means to be a good citizen.  My idea was to use possibly twitter or some other social networking avenue to create a hashtag or following where students could post all of the ways they were engaging in the process.  Something along the lines of …”too young to vote, not to care” (still working on catchy title…suggestions welcome:).

I know that there are a couple of roadblocks to jump here as well.  First, because Eden is teaching social I would have to work with her on the integration of the idea.  Secondly, Eden isn’t in the class, so I will have to check that she is on board with the project.  Lastly, Twitter use in schools opens up a world of permissions and access issues that I will have to wade through.  But I’m excited about the idea and looking forward to developing it further.  VoteMob


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